Simple Meeting Invitation Email Sample Template

Simple meeting invites for you, your team and your clients. Use these templates to schedule a meeting and make sure everyone is in the loop!

35 Simple Meeting Invitation Email Sample Template

  1. I’d like to set up a meeting to discuss our current strategy. Would next 2024 at 2 pm be a good time?
  2. Hi, The team is looking forward to meeting with you. There is a time slot open tomorrow at 2:30 PM. Please let me know if it works for you in your time zone.
  3. My team and I would love to discuss this more. Let’s chat soon. When would be a good time to meet?
  4. We would love to schedule a time for us to sit down and discuss how we can help you. Please let us know your availability by selecting one or more options below. If you’re not able to make any of these times, please let us know when is best for you and we will try our best to accommodate your schedule.
  5. Let’s meet! Let’s design your next project together. Here is a doodle poll, please let us know your availability so we can schedule a meeting.
  6. Let’s meet! We have a great opportunity to introduce you to our [department] team. Join us on 2024 at [time].
  7. Let’s connect on Skype for a free consultation. I’m looking forward to talking with you. Let me know when works best for you.
  8. We are very interested in your proposal. Let’s get the conversation started. Are available this week for a quick call?
  9. Are you interested in joining our weekly meeting tomorrow? Please send a response by this Wednesday if you can make it.
  10. I have a meeting with my team on 2024 at [time]. Please join us. We look forward to having you.
  11. We’re extending an invitation to join our weekly meeting tomorrow. Please send a response by COB on Wednesday if you can make it.
  12. Please join us for a brief discussion. We would love to see you tomorrow at our weekly meeting. Please let us know if you will be attending by sending a response no later than 5 pm 2024.
  13. Hope you can make it tomorrow at 2 pm! Please respond by end of the day 2024 if able to attend.
  14. We hold weekly meetings every Wednesday at [time]. We’d love to have you join our group!
  15. On behalf of all the members of the [team], I would like to invite you to our weekly meeting tomorrow. I hope we will see you there!
  16. Let’s touch base to talk about what we can do for you. Would love to schedule a time to meet with you and your team.
  17. Let’s meet up to share our updates, learnings and ideas. Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!
  18. Hello everyone, our annual team virtual summit is next week on 2024 at [time]. Let’s take a break from our busy schedules to meet up, connect with others and learn something new.
  19. Let’s talk. Would love to connect, catch up and discuss ways we can work closer together. Please let me know what time works best, to set up a meeting.
  20. Pleased to connect! Let’s talk about how we can work together. Please give me a call.
  21. Let’s meet for a quick chat next week. We can set aside some time if you want to run something by the team, or just need someone to bounce ideas off.
  22. Hey team, We have our final round of audits this week. Let’s have a chat over coffee, grab some lunch, or meet in person. We’ll post suggestions here and you can tell us what works for you.
  23. It would be great to meet you in person and have a face-to-face conversation. This way, we can see where things go and we’re also available to hear what you think of our content and our work so far. Let’s touch base and arrange a time that works for everyone.
  24. I’d love to chat in person. We’ll find a date, time and place that works for you.
  25. Join us on the 3rd of [month] at [time] at [location/online]. We are excited to meet you.
  26. Do you have questions? You are invited to participate in a brief, real-time online Q&A on 2024 at [time].
  27. Come and have a chat with us! We’d love to speak with you.
  28.  The team wants to meet you in person. Join us for an informal chat over lunch on 2024 at [time].
  29. We were very impressed with your proposal. Join us for a chat this week, so we can explore this project further. Let’s meet at 2024 at [time].
  30. Are you ready to start your week on a high note? The team is planning a quick meeting, so please join us in 20 minutes.
  31. Hi everyone! Please join us for a company-wide meeting on 2024 at 8:30 am. We’ll be talking about the year 2024 goals and achievements, as well as improvement plans. I hope to see you there!
  32. Let’s meet to chat about the next steps for this project. The next executive meeting is scheduled for [Time]. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you there.
  33. Let’s get together at the office social this week, whether you want to brainstorm, discuss a project, or just socialize with coworkers. It’s happening on 2024 at [time]. Hope to see you there!
  34. Hey everybody, I would love to have some input and feedback on the latest prototype of our new site. We are hosting a user testing event next week so please join us as we go through some of the features/pages and get your feedback. Please RSVP below!
  35. Let’s meet. I’m looking forward to working with you on this project. We can meet at [location] at [time]. I’m free on [days] between [time], which would work best for you? Thanks,


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