Professional communication is at the heart of a successful workplace, and email correspondence, in particular, plays a crucial role. Notably, one of the most common types of professional emails is the ‘task completion email’ which is usually addressed to a manager. This email serves as a record of a finished task or project. It must be informative, precise, and respectful. In this blog post, we will present 15 examples of task completion emails which you can use as a guide or modify to suit your specific situations.

Task Completion Email to Manager | 13 Examples

  1. Project completion email: “Dear [manager’s name], I am pleased to inform you that we have successfully completed Project [name]. All deliverables have been met as expected. Looking forward to our next venture.”
  2. Task completion email for a weekly update: “Subject: Weekly update – All tasks completed successfully. Please find attached the weekly progress report detailing tasks that got completed this week.”
  3. A detailed task completion email: “Dear [Manager’s name], the redesign of the website has been completed. Detailed documents and other deliverables are uploaded on the Google Drive link shared.”
  4. Meeting tasks executed email: “Dear [Manager’s name], following our meeting on [Meeting date], all the designated tasks discussed have been completed effectively.”
  5. Handling task delegation: “Subject: Task completion – [delegated task name]. I am writing to inform you that [delegated task name] has been completed on time, as delegated to me.”
  6. Early completion email: “Dear [Manager’s name], I wanted to inform you that [Task Name] has been completed ahead of schedule. Please let me know the next steps.”
  7. Completion of conflict resolution task: “Dear [Manager’s name], all the necessary steps were taken to resolve the conflicts among the team members, and the situation is now improved.”
  8. After handling a challenging task: “I am pleased to inform you that the challenging task of [Task Name] has been accomplished successfully. The experience has given me valuable insights which I’m looking forward to applying in future tasks.”
  9. Completion of a long-term task: “Dear [Manager’s name], the long-term task of [Task Name] has been successfully brought to completion. I appreciate your constant guidance in this journey.”
  10. Completion of a financial task: “Subject: Financial Task Completed. The quarterly financial audit has been completed with promising results.”
  11. Completion of a group task: “Subject: Group task completed – [Task Name]. As a team, we successfully completed the designated task, and the report has been attached.”
  12. Completion of a customer service task: “Subject: Handling Customer Complaint. The issue reported by the customer has been resolved successfully and they are satisfied with our support now.”
  13. Completion of training session: “Dear [Manager’s name], the Training for [Training Topic] with the new employees was completed successfully and their feedback was significantly positive.”
  14. Technical task completion: “Dear [Manager’s name], the upgrade of the office network infrastructure has been successfully completed.”
  15. Completion of a remote work assignment: “Dear [Manager’s name], I am glad to report that the remote work assignment [Task Name] has been successfully completed. The results have met our targets and I am attaching a progress report for your reference.”

In conclusion, a task completion email is your opportunity to communicate your work efficiency and create a positive impact in front of your manager. Remember to keep the tone professional and your language clear and precise. The above examples can be modified to fit various scenarios you are likely to face, helping you communicate effectively with your manager.