Congratulation Email for an award Email Templates

When a colleague or a friend wins an award, you want to convey your heartfelt congratulations. Here are some emails to congratulate someone for winning an award:

Congratulation Email for an Award | 41 Email Sample Templates


1. Congratulations on your award! We are proud to have you represent our company.

2. Congratulations on your new award!

3. Congratulations! We are proud to make this announcement.

4. Congratulations. You’ve earned it!

5. Congratulations on your award! You are so deserving of this recognition and we are so proud of you.


6. Congratulations on receiving this award! We hope you’ll enjoy this recognition and be inspired to continue your hard work.

7. Congratulations to you on your achievement. It’s a great occasion to celebrate your achievements. We are proud to work together with someone like you.

8. Congratulations to you on this well-deserved achievement. Your hard work, dedication, and consistency are something I truly admire. You have set an amazing example for the rest of your team and we can all learn from you.

9. Congratulations on your award! We are thrilled to recognize your contributions and look forward to continuing to work with you.

10. Great news, congratulations! We’re excited for you and your team on this important achievement. You’ve shown incredible dedication and drive, and we have no doubt that you’ll be able to deliver even more value for your clients in the future.


11. Congratulations on your award. You exceeded our expectations and we look forward to celebrating with you soon.

12. Congratulations on your recent award! We shared this with everyone at the office and are proud to have you as a member of our team. Please join us in celebrating your accomplishment by attending a lunch at the office tomorrow.

13. Your outstanding performance and dedication to excellence have set you apart from the rest. Congratulations on your award!

14. Congratulations on your award. We are so proud of you.

15. I want to extend my congratulations on receiving this award. It is in recognition of your dedicated and professional attitude, and I know how hard you’ve worked to be recognized today. I’m very proud of you!

Congratulation Email for an award

16. We’re thrilled to congratulate you on receiving the award, and we look forward to working with you.

17. Congratulations! It is a great accomplishment to be recognized by your company as someone who goes above and beyond in their field. We are proud of the work you’re doing and congratulate you on your accomplishment.

18. Congratulations to you, it’s exciting to see you be recognized for all of your hard work and dedication.

19. Congratulations on the exciting and well-deserved award you received! We are proud of your accomplishments and looking forward to seeing what lies ahead for you.

20. Congratulations! We’re proud to name you as a recipient of the award for this year’s Best Employee. Your work and dedication have made a significant impact on our company and we look forward to following your future achievements.


21. Congratulations on being selected as a winner! We’re excited to share this news with you and are looking forward to coming together in person to celebrate your success.

22. We’re thrilled to share the news with you — you are our next award winner! We can’t wait to celebrate your success at our upcoming event. We look forward to seeing you there.

23. You are now a recipient of the award. Congrats! Please accept this certificate as proof that you have been selected for an award. For more information about your prize, please visit our website.

24. We are thrilled to announce that you have been awarded the Award of Excellence. This prestigious award confirms your contributions and highlights your achievements in our industry. Thank you for being such an inspiration to everyone at Company!

25. Congratulations on your recent award. We’re proud of you, and we wanted to recognize your accomplishment. You are truly an inspiration to the rest of us!


26. Congratulations! I’m happy to announce that you’ve earned the Award. This award recognizes your great work with our company and we are proud to have you on our team!

27. We’re thrilled to congratulate you on your hard work and success at [company name]. We appreciate your achievements and are honoured to have you as an ambassador for our firm.

28. Congratulations on winning an award! Your accomplishment is a credit to your hard work and dedication. We hope that this recognition gives you the opportunity to grow in your career and realize your true potential with us.

29. Congratulations on winning the Salesperson of the Year Award! Your accomplishments have been exemplary and we’re thrilled to be able to recognize you for your hard work and dedication. With this achievement, we hope you take pride in the future and continue to set goals for yourself that lead to more awards.


Congratulation Email for an award and announcing the person they were selected

30. I’m thrilled to announce that you have received the [name of the] award. This is one of our highest honours, and I know how much work went into winning. Your exemplary performance this year is inspiring. You are an excellent example to your peers and colleagues. Congratulations!

31. Congratulations on winning the Best Award! As you might already know, this is a big deal and we’re all very excited. This achievement is a testament to your hard work and dedication. An award ceremony will be held next week, where we will honour the winners of the Best Award. We look forward to celebrating with you then. In the meantime, here are some tips to help you keep the momentum going:

32. We are happy to announce that you have been selected as the recipient of the Award! This award was created to honour those who actively contribute to the success of the company. It is our hope that it will serve as motivation for future achievements. We would like to thank you on behalf of the entire company community and congratulate you on your achievement. Receiving this award makes us confident that you are filling an important role at [company name]and are a key part of our continued success.’

33. We’re delighted to announce your selection as our Company Awards Program winner. Please join us in congratulating the winners, and we look forward to working with you on this great honour.

34. Congratulations on receiving the (award) Award! We know you have worked hard to achieve this recognition. This award is a testament to your achievements and accomplishments, and we are proud of you.

35. Congratulations! We are thrilled to share with you that you have been selected for an award. As you know, we’ve reviewed your application carefully and feel confident that this recognition is well deserved.


36. We’re proud to award you this excellent recognition, keep up the great work!

37. Congratulations on receiving the Award of Excellence. Please join us in congratulating this employee for a great effort in their job.

38. It is our privilege to honour you with the award. This is a celebration of your achievements, and your success reflects the achievement and contributions of the (company name) team. We are all very proud of your accomplishment. Your accomplishment will help us on our path to greatness by setting an example for others and showing that hard work always pays off!

39. Congratulations! Your submission has been chosen as a finalist in our recent competition. We will contact the winner soon and ask that they provide contact information, so we can arrange to meet with them in person and present their award of one year’s free access to our services.

40. Congratulations! Your hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed. We are happy to award you with a promotion in recognition of your contributions over the last year.

41. Congratulations on this achievement! You’ve earned a spot in our Hall of Fame, and we couldn’t be prouder. Congratulations, again!


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